Create Your New Christmas Morning Tradition!

Delight in the wonderment of Santa’s personalized video
message with Your Santa Story for families affected by
Autism Spectrum Disorder.

On Christmas morning, your family will cherish the magic created from your custom-crafted story when Santa addresses your children by name, acknowledges their special accomplishments, and even surprises them with one last hidden gift.
Your Santa Story recognizes that families affected by ASD may have difficulty experiencing the magic of Santa in the hustle and bustle environment of the local shopping mall. Your Santa Story will provide a one-of-a-kind personal experience for your child affected by ASD, by ensuring that Santa tones down his jolly demeanor and uses visual clues as needed throughout the video.
Click here to learn about one autistic family’s experience with Your Santa Story.

"I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!  Oh my goodness….this is amazing!!!!”


“This morning my nephews were totally blown away by "Their Santa Story". It was definitely one of the highlights of our day.”

Kathy (Mervis Featherstone)
Sedona, AZ

"One of our boys started to lose faith...but when he watched and heard Santa, he not only lit up, but he regained his faith in Santa."

Mandee @  (video recommendation as well)

“I can't thank Your Santa Story enough and highly recommend them for the quality of their work & for the BEST Customer Service I have received!!!”

Maryann (Lowden)
Milan, TN