4 Customized Upgrades for Your Sailboat

The offseason it is the perfect time to think about making some upgrades to your vessel, ready for future sailing.

There are many fantastic customized marine products available on the market which can make your boat more efficient, keep you safer, or generally make your time on the water a more pleasurable experience.

1. Self-tailing and Power Winches

Your winches are literally the key to smooth sailing. Converting to self-tailing winches is one great investment for your sailboat. These winches make your sails and sailing easier and more efficient, as they turn without requiring a second person or needing to hold the line yourself. They incorporate a feeder arm and a grip or jaws to hold the rope.

If you already have self-tailing winches, then you could consider upgrading those to power winches. Some models will allow you to add power to an existing winch, but if yours are old or this isn’t available, splurge on some brand new electronic self-tailing winches. You will appreciate the reduced manual labor.

2. Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon

You might feel a reluctance to spend money on certain safety items that might – hopefully – never even be needed at all. However, the difference it makes when needed could be the difference between surviving an emergency or getting seriously injured or killed.

An Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) can easily be added to your boat and will send a coded signal to the nearest search and rescue center in an emergency.

If you have an older satellite Beacon, consider upgrading to one with GPS. These are far more accurate, down to 100-meter radius, rather than 5km.

3. At the Helm

New technologies mean that there are excellent integrated multi-function displays available where you can have all your desire functions accessible from a single interface. Get all your navigation information in one place at the helm.
Upgrading to include wifi and GPS or AIS (Automatic Identification System) for collision detection capabilities will really help make modernize your vessel.

4. Solar Panels

Installing marine solar panels is a brilliant upgrade to your boat’s overall electric system. They are an excellent backup and perfect for keeping your batteries charged – no more running the engine just to charge the batteries.
When you are ready to take your boat to the next level, you will be able to find a range of these customized marine products in Michigan.

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