4 Strategies to Increase My Google Search Ranking?


While there are numerous strategies available to increase your google search ranking, we’ve selected the four most effective Google marketing strategies in Michigan. To reach a broader consumer base, using search engine optimization techniques on mediums like Google is critical.

To effectively climb Google search result rankings – and move from the fifth to the first page – these four strategies have helped many companies. When a business moves to a higher result page, a company becomes visible to a broader audience, increases web traffic to its digital sites, and further embrace the growing opportunity that is the digital marketplace.

Linking to high domain authority websites

Google ranks websites primarily based on trustworthiness. And, one of the best ways to increase a website’s dependable content —and climb Google search rankings—is by linking to high authority domains.

Google views links to high authority domains as indicative of the associated content also being trustworthy. This is particularly true for website content reliant on appropriate and accurate research.

Utilizing web content with high word counts

Moreover, there is a direct correlation between the word count of content and the trustworthiness ascribed to it by search engines like Google—the higher, the better. Google views high word content as a sign of depth, a quality to which it sees a degree of merit.

Appropriate metadata for content

When designing a webpage, there is always the opportunity to include a few different descriptions about the contained content: title metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata.

Here, title metadata refers to the page title displayed in search engine results. This piece of metadata is perhaps the most important – using an appropriate title will help improve search rankings.

Description metadata refers to the textual description displayed just below the title metadata in search engine results pages. Utilizing a description that is both concise and appealing—about two sentences long—as well as containing a portion of relevant keywords is important.

Lastly, keyword metadata connects the website to relevant keywords and topics—although this metadata is less often used to calculate search engine rankings. Ultimately, effectively optimizing metadata information will be crucial to jumping up Google rankings in searches that connect to website content, and, most importantly, driving traffic to your site.

Regularly update content

According to Google search engine criteria, Google values the relevancy of content, and periodically updating content is viewed as one of the best ways to remaining relevant.  Posting material on a systemized and routine basis will improve a website’s ranking in search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a continual process that cannot be abandoned after the completion of these steps.

Final thoughts

Google marketing strategies MI businesses can employ include regularly updating content, linking to high authority websites, using content with high word counts, and using appropriate metadata descriptions. With the digital marketplace increasingly playing a role in consumer purchasing and spending habits, jumping up Google search rankings is essential for a business to increase sales.

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