Charter Arms

Charter Arms: An Iconic American Gun Dealer

Charter Arms

There are some gun makers who attempt to make every firearm under the sun, and some who prefer to make a few, but make them very, very, well. That is what you get with Charter Arms guns, a few models made extremely well, with a reputation for excellence that has lasted over 40 years.


In 1964 a young gun designer who’d previously worked for High Standard and Colt decided to open his own company and started Charter Arms. Specializing in short barreled revolvers, Charter Arms keeps everything American made, continuing the tradition in the historic Gun Valley in New England.

Today the company is known for designing and manufacturing accurate, reliable, and lightweight handguns, and focusing on increasing safety, too.


Charter Arms revolvers have a frame built from a single piece of metal to simplify the entire handgun. Like many small revolvers, there is a safety bar under the hammer to prevent accidental discharge in case of snagging or dropping. Recent models have an enclosed hammer so that they can be tucked easily and safely into pockets or purses.

The revolvers come in a range of calibers, including the .38 Special, the .44 Special, and the .357 Magnum. As with other revolvers, they have 5 shots but pack plenty of stopping power for their size.

The Bulldog

The Bulldog has a 2.5-inch barrel but fires a .44 Special caliber round, so remember to not judge a gun by its size.

Able to be fired either as a single or double action, the trigger is crisp and comfortable to use, though the strength of the pull does change depending on the action.

While it’s a bit on the large side for a concealed carry, with the right holster, anything is possible. The Bulldog makes for an excellent home or self-defense weapon.

The Undercover

Designed with concealed carry in mind, the Undercover fires a .38 Special, and has a 2-inch barrel, making it better for concealed carry than the Bulldog. This revolver, like the others in the Charter Arms collection, is designed for function, so if you’re an aficionado, you may be disappointed. Those who appreciate a solid, dependable handgun, however, will be in their element.

There is an Undercover Lite which takes the weight down to a mere 12 ounces. The Chic Lady uses the Lite’s frame but adds a hot pink cover for those people who enjoy the color.

Overall, the Charter Arms revolvers are very accurate and lighter to carry than many of their counterparts. When looking at Charter Arms guns for sale online, you can see the thought and care that went into each design, ensuring that they’ll be a firearm you go to regularly, whether it’s for the range or for self-defense.

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