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Correcting Hazardous Issues to Minimize Claims Against Your Business Insurance in Alliance

Hazardous conditions create high-risk situations for business owners. And when a dangerous condition is present, it is crucial to take steps to correct it immediately. Ignoring it, even for just a moment, puts other people at risk and also increases the probability that you will need to file a claim against your business insurance in Alliance.

To prevent this, you need to be educated regarding how to train your employees to react; here is some insight.

Why you can’t just walk away. Imagine if your employee is walking through an aisle of your retail location and notices a broken jar on the floor so he walks away to find a mop. But by the time he returns with it, someone has slipped and now has a liability claim to file.

That scenario is one of the most common bodily injury claims against business insurance in Alliance today. In many cases, people would not think anything is wrong with that situation. The problem is that the employee left a dangerous condition – even if just for a moment – thereby creating risk.

So what action should have been taken in a situation such as this? Instead of walking away, the employee should have called for assistance. Remaining in a position like this ensures that your employee can warn other employees and shoppers about the unsafe condition and minimize liability risks.

Educate employees to improve unsafe conditions. In some cases, the threats against your business insurance in Alliance are easy to fix right on the spot. For instance, if a door mat’s curled edge presents a tripping danger, it’s easy to unroll it right away. Nevertheless, you have to teach employees to identify something that may be hazardous and react to it immediately.

Here are a few tips to minimize claims against your business insurance in Alliance.

  • Whenever possible, rectify the issue immediately before walking away.
  • Learn to identify possible risks on a continuing basis. That means someone needs to always be aware of what’s happening around them on the job site instead of looking at other workers or their phones.
  • If the problem needs more attention than they can provide, they should stay at the location and then, call for help.
  • If larger-scale issues should arise, the employee should restrict customer access to the area.
  • Place warning signs – such as wet floor signs – in the area. Your business should always have these items available on the premises.
  • Wet floors by bathroom sinks, ice on walkways, or areas where there’s a spill are all key things to watch for throughout any location. Your goal is to keep customers and employees safe. To do that, you need to keep surfaces dry and clear. Educating your employees to react is a must. It can help you avoid costly liability claims against your business insurance in Alliance while also keeping your location safe.

Use these tips and take the time to educate your employees regarding the importance of spotting and rectifying potential problems. If you have additional questions regarding how to keep your business safe, contact us today regarding business insurance in Alliance.

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