Crafting Your Family's Story

Crafting Your Family’s Story

How does Santa know Your Santa Story? He knows because YOU told him.

4 Easy
1. Provide information about your family through our easy-to-follow questionnaire.
2. Approve Your Santa Story script.
3. Our Santa produces your video with your script.
4. Your Santa Story video is delivered and your new Christmas morning tradition begins!

Our simple form guides you step-by-step as you craft Your Santa Story with specific information about your family, your children, your pets, the treats you leave for Santa and his reindeer, and the location of the hidden gift. Upon completion of the form, Your Santa Story script is assembled by the elves for your review, edits, and approval. With Your Santa Story script in hand, Santa adds his magic and your new Christmas Morning Tradition has begun!

Click here for tips for Making the Best Morning Ever, Even Better with Your Santa Story script!

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