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What are the differences between criminal lawyers and domestic lawyers?

There are a wide variety of differences between criminal lawyers in Kitchener and domestic lawyers. What are the roles and duties of both criminal and domestic lawyers? Criminal lawyers have a duty to defend individuals and organisations who have been charged with a crime.

However, the selection of criminal cases is highly diverse and often matched with a criminal lawyer’s expertise. For example, one may have been charged with robbery, sexual assault, murder, manslaughter, DUI, fraud or other criminal charges and the criminal lawyer must have expertise in that criminal field to properly defend the accused.

Conversely, a domestic lawyer has a role in dealing with matters among family members and intimate partners. Such matters can involve domestic violence, divorce, child custody, family abuse and other domestic cases. What type of responsibilities do criminal lawyers in Kitchener have toward their client and the case itself?

Criminal lawyers in Kitchener who will be representing a client in court will diligently investigate the case and case facts while also interviewing potential witnesses. In addition, criminal lawyers will research various case law that are apparent within the case at hand, review criminal codes and create a strategic defense for the client.

Criminal lawyers in Kitchener can also negotiate with the Crown attorney to bargain for lesser charges in return for a plea deal (submission of guilt). Many of the responsibilities of domestic lawyers and criminal lawyers overlap. For instance, a domestic lawyer will also evaluate case law and interview potential witnesses for trial. Moreover, domestic lawyers can also protect the victim involved in a domestic violence dispute.

This can be done by finding a safe place for the victim, filing for a restraining order between the perpetrator and victim and utilising community resources to assist the victim any way they can. The role of a domestic lawyer can also involve filing for divorce and dealing with child custody matters in court.

The reason for this is that often times a domestic violence case will involve the intimate partners and since it may not be safe for the children to live with the accused parent a solution is to file for divorce and apply for sole custody to the non-accused parent (often the victim) or extended family. The job outlook for criminal lawyers in Kitchener is growing and changing. For instance, crime rates have been increasing in Ontario and prison populations are reaching maximum capacity.

Criminal laws are essentially non-absolute, which means they are constantly changing, which places a duty on the criminal lawyers to constantly be updating their legal discourse and knowledge to better serve their clients. The job outlook for domestic lawyers is also expected to continue to grow and change. The laws governing marriage and divorce are becoming deregulated as more and more couples are filing for divorce.

Despite the apparent differences between criminal lawyers in Kitchener and domestic lawyers, there is still many similarities between them. For instance, both are required to first obtain a recognised undergraduate degree, complete the Juries Doctor program and pass the bar exam to obtain a legal license. However, the specialisation during law school is what will set the foundation for legal education in either criminal or domestic law. Overall, we now have a better understanding of the basic roles, duties and responsibilities of criminal lawyers in Kitchener and domestic lawyers.

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