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Is Vaping harmful?

As per recent reports, vaping damages DNA. It also poses a threat of cancer and heart ailments as per latest studies. Human lung and bladder cancer could be the end result of vaping. E-cigarettes smoke passes on nicotine via aerosols. This nicotine can be converted into chemical substances which harm the DNA in organs like the heart, lungs and bladed regions. During certain tests, a set of mice were exposed to the smoke from electronic cigarettes (the dosage used was the same as somewhat light e-cigarette smoking for about a decade in human beings). This led to problems in the hearts, lungs, and bladder of the mice. Certain other damages too were reported. Such research has effectively placed a big question mark over the future and the actual so-called benefits of the use of electronic cigarettes. E-cigs, in effect, are somewhat new on the horizon for their full effects to be studied and known. It is an unclear zone if they are safe for use or not. Though some reports are positive and in favor of electronic cigarettes over the traditional and conventional ones, the entire gamut of their side effects is not totally known as of now.

As of the latest news available in this sector, smoking e-cigarettes could harm DNA and enhance the risk of cancer and even heart ailments. As per researchers from the New York School of Medicine, vaping is less dangerous than smoking. Even then, it is not what is termed “safe.” Thereby, it could be proposed that vaping is carcinogenic in nature and those who indulge in it are at a higher risk of developing certain ailments as compared to non-smokers. They may, although, be at a somewhat lesser risk than the average smoker is at. The e-cigarette vapor, termed “harmless” by some, constitutes nicotine and a certain set of harmless organic solvents. Again, as per some reports, e-cigarette smokers have a whopping 97 percent less of NNAL (a lung carcinogen) in their internal systems as compared to tobacco users. Even then, these figures are much higher than those who do not vape at all. Thus, there are some conclusions which one can draw for oneself with the information available to us as on date. Vaping is not harmless, is what we can draw. However, the harm from it may seem and could possibly be lesser when taken in context with the damage which comes from outright conventional smoking.

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