Free Cell Phone Repair Diagnostic & Battery Capacity Check – In Vancouver & Surrey, British Columbia

Is your cell phone malfunctioning or not working at all? Well, your phone might need some maintenance or a repair. Stop by Cell Clinic Vancouver or Cell Clinic Surrey – and our friendly and professional technicians will diagnose your cell phone repair need for free.

Our Cell Clinic technicians are highly skilled at repairing both Android and iOS smartphones. We will conduct a thorough check of your cell phone to ensure that your device is using all of its power to complete the tasks that you rely on daily. If our technicians find any issue affecting the battery or performance of your phone, they will then estimate the cost of repairing and improving the performance of your phone. You can then choose to get your Android or Apple phone or iPad device repaired at the Cell Clinic or you can take your free phone’s diagnostic report with you. Read below to learn more about the free cell phone repair diagnostic services offered at Cell Clinic Vancouver and at Cell Clinic Surrey.

#1 Free Battery Capacity Level Check

 Free Battery Capacity

Every smartphone user wants the maximum battery life from their device. Batteries usually develop several kinds of issues over time due to aging and exposure to temperature changes, varying electrical current supply, and moisture. Because of irregular amperage and the voltage supply, the battery of smartphones will lose their charge holding capacity, and in critical cases, the battery will become permanently damaged.

Next, exposure to high or low temperatures can lead to chemical reactions inside the battery and as a result, the cells of Li-Ion battery expands with gas, and can rupture or possibly explode. Once these issues arise, even proper charging at the appropriate amperage and voltage can cause the issue to get worse. Due to damaged cells, Li-Ion batteries will drop the available charge suddenly, and your phone might stop responding. At Cell Clinic, we test the health of your smartphone battery, and its ability to retain and deliver a charge – to discover any problems early.

Whether you own an android phone, iPhone or iPad, we inspect and fix issues related to the battery health of all kinds of smartphones and mobile devices. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged for a battery capacity level check at the Cell Clinic, as it’s a free service that we offer at our both Vancouver and Surrey stores.

#2 Free Cell Phone Repair Diagnostic

Phone Repair Diagnostic

At the Cell Clinic, we offer free Cell phone repair diagnostic services for all Android, and iOS devices. Have a look below to know more about our cell phone repair diagnostic services for smartphones and iPads.

Display And Camera Quality Check

Display And Camera Quality

The screen and LCD display are the most crucial parts of any smartphone – that defines the overall user experience. We check your phone’s touch sensitivity, RGB colour output, sharpness, and brightness intensity to ensure you always get the best visual experience with your smartphone.

When it comes to the camera, we inspect both the back and front camera of your smartphone or iPad, to check the capture speed, focus performance, clarity, and colour functionality – to ensure that you capture all of your special moments the way you intended for them to look.

Audio Output and Input Check

Audio Output and Input Check

Cell Clinic performs a complete check on your phone’s audio performance, including the speaker, headset jack, microphones, and vibration motor – to ensure that all these audio output and input components are optimally functioning.

Performance and RAM Check

Performance and RAM Check

We check for unnecessary applications and processes that might be running in the background and using more RAM than necessary. Hardware can also be a part of the problem also. So, we will inspect both your cell phone’s hardware and software to discover the source of the problem – and correct them.  

Signal Strength Check

Signal Strength Check

Carrier towers and interference from buildings and building materials, are often the reason behind a weak signal. But system and hardware issues can also affect your phone’s performance and as a result, the signal strength fluctuates. We will inspect and check if it’s due to any signal interface or if it is a hardware issue.

#3 Trade In Your Pre-Owned Phone At Cell Clinic Vancouver, And Surrey Store

Want to sell or trade in your used Android phone, iPhone or iPads? Visit the Cell Clinic Store in Vancouver or Surrey, British Columbia for a free phone value / price evaluation. Your phone will undergo a 28 point inspection, including all of the points mentioned above, to ensure that all its components are fully functional. The overall price for your device that we will pay will depend on its performance and quality rating. We will only pay the top-price for phones that meet our quality standards for pre-owned phone certification. For more information visit:

Visit your nearest Cell Clinic Store today in Vancouver and Surrey, BC for a free cell phone repair diagnostic and (or) battery capacity level check – or if you want to trade in your used cell phone or iPad.

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Cell Clinic Surrey
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