How Affordable is Trenchless Pipe Lining Compared to Other Repairs in Highland Park, IL?

Trenchless Pipe LiningWhen you need your sewer line repairing, it is likely you will want to keep the costs down as much as possible. Therefore, you need to decide which is the most cost effective option. You must ask yourself, how affordable is trenchless pipe lining compared to other repairs in Highland Park, IL? The easiest way to decide this is to make a direct comparison of repairs using traditional methods against those using trenchless technology.

The Cost of Labor

The cost of labor is the main reason why traditional repairs are usually so much more expensive than trenchless repairs. Digging trenches along the full length of the sewer lines is time-consuming and will require a lot of manpower. On the other hand, trenchless repairs are much faster and do not require the same amount of labor. The problem is assessed via a camera through the pipe and only a few small holes are needed to complete the repairs. This means that both time and money are saved.

Materials and Equipment

Cost is also affected by the equipment and materials used. Less machinery is needed for trenchless repairs than with other methods. This is predominantly because there is no need to dig trenches around the pipe. Also, with other methods, it is sometimes necessary to replace whole sections of the pipe to resolve a problem. This is not the case with trenchless sewer repair technology. When this method is used, the sewer pipe is simply fitted with a pipe lining. This is a lot cheaper than replacing the sewer pipe.

Additional Costs

The costs do not necessarily end once your sewer line is repaired. If the repairs have involved digging trenches, it is likely that there will be significant damage to your gardens or driveway. You will need to spend additional money to return your garden to its former glory. Not only is this expensive, it is also time-consuming and potentially stressful. On the other hand, there is very little destruction caused by trenchless repairs as there are only a few small holes. Therefore, there is less extra expense as there are fewer repairs needed to restore your garden.

Future Repairs

Something else that you should take into consideration is how long the repairs will last and if it will be necessary to have further repairs done in the future. If further repairs are needed, then it will clearly cost you more in the long-run. By opting for trenchless repairs, you are less likely to experience problems with your sewer line in the future. The pipe lining is made from materials that will not crack or erode and they can also minimize the risk of tree root invasion. Traditional sewer repair methods do not usually prevent problems from occurring in the future, so there is no guarantee that you will not encounter further issues over the next few years.

When you take all these factors into account, it seems that trenchless sewer repairs are usually the most cost-effective option in comparison to alternative methods of repair. This applies to both the initial cost and any potential costs you may incur following the initial completion of the sewer repairs.

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