Disability Lawyers

How to Find the Best Disability Lawyers in Michigan?

Disability Lawyers

Many people consider retaining a lawyer once they receive a rejection of their claim from the Social Security Administration. Statistics prove that retaining a disability lawyer in Michigan who is certified can positively improve your chances of winning a claim for benefits at the initial claim phase.

However, lawyers specializing in disability benefit claims have the greatest impact at the hearing level, the first appeal phase after the rejection, but it is the productive use of time spent at the initial filing phase that is the most effective.

Enhancing your Claim

Competent attorneys representing a client in a disability case will understand that the definition of “disability” used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is very different from a lay person’s definition. It is always wise to present your best case at the initial filing thoughtfully and methodically before the emotions of rejection are felt.

Knowledge of the Lawyer

A lawyer practicing in this field knows and understands the process of determining claims, and the actual decision process of the examiners and of the administrative law judges.

Attorneys need to know the relevance of medical evidence and when to present it, and how to introduce mental impairment in concert with this medical evidence. Disability lawyers work to minimize the negative effects of a claim, such as the speed of scheduling, on-the-record decisions, and dire need.

At the hearing before an administrative law judge, your attorney will present a rationale, based upon knowledge of the SSA rules and regulations applied to the merits of a claim, as to why the claimant (you, the client) should be approved for disability benefits.

When Should a Disability Lawyer be Considered?

There is no requirement to have a lawyer throughout the disability claim process. However, it is always advisable to retain legal representation at the initial stage to ensure that the filing is proper, relevant, and complete.

Should the claim be denied, the lawyer will know how to prepare for the appeal because the logic of the denial will be based on his work. There will be more work and time spent by the lawyer after-the-fact of the rejection as opposed to being involved at the initial filing.

How to Find the Best Disability Attorney in Michigan?

It is wise to spend the time searching for specialized disability lawyer, make an appointment, and ask questions. Rather than asking “How many cases have you won?” form your questions around the points raised above and determine your comfort with the responses.

It is always advisable to have competent representation at the initial filing phase. A claim that is professionally prepared and submitted will set the tone for the claim process.

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