Polish Concrete Floors

How to Polish Concrete Floors?

Polish Concrete Floors

Industrial floors or floors used in commercial settings such as warehouses, offices or hospitals are always under a lot of stress from moving heavy things around and foot traffic. As a result, they do get easily ruined, and it can be expensive repairing them.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There ways to make floors pristine and long-lasting. One way to this is through polishing. Polished concrete floors offer more benefits in comparison to other floors due to their low maintenance, abrasion resistance, and strength. Polishing concrete floors is crucial when it comes to floor maintenance as it helps keep them stain free, long lasting and in pristine condition, saving you labor and maintenance costs. With the use of a commercial concrete grinder and abrasive discs, you can have a beautiful and durable floor.

How to polish concrete floors

Polishing concrete floors is not quite as simple as it sounds. It requires skill, experience and use of specialized polishing machines like a concrete grinder and diamond abrasive discs that will grind the surface to your desired degree of smoothness and sheen. So it may be necessary to hire professionals for your floor polishing. You can hire them from construction companies or machinery rental firms.


1. Prepare the area you want to polish: Before applying polish on a concrete floor, make sure it is clean. The amount and effort of cleaning will depend on the condition of the floor. Take time to repair all cracks and remove any extra coating that has been used before. After, you can sweep and mop the floor, leaving it dirt and dust free.

2. Polish the floor with coarse grit: With the use of a commercial concrete grinder and diamond abrasive disks, you can start polishing the floor with coarse grit as a way of removing all rough surfaces and stains on the floor. Make sure to use the right techniques in this step as you will follow the same steps in all stages of polishing. Work systematically; beginning from one end of the floor, moving from side to side making sure the whole floor is uniformly polished.

3. Polish the floor using fine grit abrasive disk: At this stage, you will shift to a fine grit polishing disk, following the same techniques in step two, while making sure you avoid overlapping. After the whole process, your floor should be looking shiny and uniform as all the rough parts have been cleared with the coarse and fine gritting process.

4. Polish with extra fine grit: This stage is all about creating a perfect and beautiful finish. You should use a concrete grinder with an extra fine grit abrasive disk on the entire surface. This will leave the floor spotless and stainless, making sure that the floor is blemish free. Make sure to overlap your circular movements as you work on the grit over the entire floor.

5. Apply concrete floor polish: Finally, apply concrete floor polish over the entire surface with your concrete grinder; this should leave your floor more sleek, shiny and beautiful.

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