Nurse and doctor

Increasing Nurse Care Efficiency

Nurse and doctor

The first person to provide you with treatment, nurses are a vital component of any healthcare facility. In the United States, nurses are the biggest healthcare occupation and their need in the medical field continues to rise.

Their job entails providing patient care, transferring important information from patients to doctors, administering medication, and so much more. With so much work and the busy atmosphere of a medical facility, nurses could use all the help they can get to focus solely on the patient.

Medical carts provide needed assistance to nurses. It allows them to have ease of access and increased efficiency from patient to patient without any added stress. With long, inconsistent hours, medical carts on wheels have become the crutch nurses always needed.

Medical Carts and Data Entry

Nurses are required to travel all over the hospital depending on their patients’ needs. They must have medical records on hand in case of an emergency and when transferring information over to doctors.

The introduction of medical carts on wheels with portable computers has seriously increased the efficiency of a nurse’s ability to enter and supply information.

Before a nurse would be required to write all patient information down manually, then go to their computer station to enter the information into the system. This repetition of entering information was time-consuming and allowed the possibility of error.

With a portable computer medical cart, the nurse enters information directly into the system as the patient relays it to them. It also gives the nurse direct access to patient information leading to faster treatments.

Medical Carts and Medication

Transportation of medication used to be challenging. Carrying all items by hand increases the risk of accident or a forgotten item. Sometimes a nurse would even need to travel to different locations to gather the necessary materials.

The creation of medical supply carts on wheels has changed the way hospitals work. Nurses now carry all the medication they need in one secure area. The second a doctor prescribes a medication, the nurse is able to grab it quickly and administer medication in rapid time.

Decreased Chance of Error

We tend to believe that nurses are a type of superhuman working long, intense non-stop hours with a positive, pleasant attitude. Unfortunately, even the most efficient of nurses can make mistakes when stressed or tired.

If a tired or stressed nurse has to exit the room for medication, there is a possibility they may forget which medication they are retrieving. With a medical supply cart on wheels, that small chance of error erases.

Increased Patient Interaction

When nurses are able to access patient records and administer medication in the room, it provides added face-to-face time between the patient and medical professional. This increases patient satisfaction and treatment times.

Final Thoughts

A medical supply cart on wheels gives nurses the opportunity to reduce the risk of error, access medication, and enter or retrieve information into hospital records for an increased level of efficiency.

Easing the workload on nurses with the use of medical carts on wheels improves your hospital’s environment, therefore, increasing patient satisfaction.

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