Tactical Shotguns

Overview of Tactical Shotguns

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When talking about tactical guns, the term usually refers to firearms that have all or most of the following features: a pistol grip, a telescopic buttstock, a threaded barrel, and the ability to use high capacity magazines. They are used by military tactic teams as well as by civilians.

In many cases, a compact form is also preferred, as tactical teams often operate in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) environments. There are many tactical rifles and handguns on the market, but today we will take a look at tactical shotguns.

They’re the Most Effective Guns for Home Defense

When talking about home defense, it’s important to own the most effective gun possible. And these shotguns are as effective as it gets. They deliver the most devastating payload possible per trigger pull, compared to other shoulder-fired firearms. In the case of an intruder, this is all you need.

What Exactly Makes a Shotgun Tactical?

There are several features that indicate whether a shotgun is tactical. First of all, a shorter barrel length of 18 to 20 inches, as it makes the gun easy to maneuver. Next, they need to be pump action or semi-automatic. Shotguns come in many types of actions, but only those two are good for home defense because they are the fastest.

A tactical shotgun should come with sling mounts, so you can attach it to your body. Without a sling, attackers could attempt and succeed to take the gun away from its owner. A good set of sights is quite important as well.

Most shotguns come with a single bead at the end of the barrel which functions as a sight, but a front and rear sight would be preferable if you want to get more out of the weapon. Tactical shotguns should have a shoulder stock, not a pistol grip. It makes the gun more comfortable and easier to shoot with accuracy.

When speaking about the gauge, these shotguns should be chambered in 12 or 20 gauge, with 12 being the most common combat caliber. The 12 is more powerful and results in greater recoil, while the 20 is more suitable for smaller sized people.

As for the shells, there should be a minimum capacity of 4+1. Shotgun capacity is usually limited, but 4+1 should be enough for most incidents. To be absolutely sure in case of an attacker, using a 7+1 capacity gun might be even better.

Tactical shotguns are great for defending one’s home. They are powerful and easy to use, and the simple fact of owning one might scare some possible intruders from even trying to break in.

If you’re looking for tactical shotguns for sale, use the guide above to find the perfect model.

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