Protect Your Sewer Pipe Line

Tips to Protect Your Sewer Pipe Line in Baltimore, Maryland

Protect Your Sewer Pipe LineSome cities, for example the city of Baltimore during the cold winter seasons, one may experience one of the toughest harsh weather conditions. To many this may seem harmless but it might end up causing a lot of damage to the sewer system. Many people do not know that they are responsible for the sewer system that is in their homes and as a result to neglect it. To most, they have insurance that to their lack of knowledge they think might cover the damage done by the sewer pipeline failure. The best thing to do is to take a full insurance cover policy for the sewerage system such that any damage to the floor, electrical systems, walls or even the whole house you are sure that you are protected if this happens.

Main causes of sewer pipeline breakdown

Age of the sewer system

Most of the sewer systems that are currently in the city as well as many other parts in the world are those that were initially installed when the city was constructed. Other than very minor repairs that are done regularly the sewer system is quite old and as a result may fail at one point.

Combined drainage systems

The sewer system may also be the same that transports the drainages that are in the city. The two have a specified volume that they can handle and as a result if there is an increase in the volume the walls may burst due to pressure. This may generally happen during the heavy rains period.

Trees with deep roots

Some trees may grow such that the roots that they possess are really long. This may result to them reaching the walls of the drainage system and if the walls of the pipe are not strong enough may end up being damaged.

Sometimes the problem may be bigger than you know. They may result from the grid drainage system and backup to that in your home. This will be as a result of the municipal lines being blocked.

How to prevent the sewer lines from breaking down

Proper waste disposal

Some of the solids that you may want to dispose of may be fats or the solid foods. This when they go down the drain may solidify and block the entire system. This will lead to blockages and as a result the full system will fail. For the fats throw them in a heat container and once they cool of, you may throw them as garbage. For the foods first pass them in a garbage disposal and them in the sewer system.

Replace the old pipes with new ones.

The new pipes that are being made currently are certified such that the walls can handle harsh conditions and also the roots that may be strong. So in the process of changing to some of the current PVC pipes, you may end up saving a lot.

Regular pipe checks

Always ensure that once in a while, the full sewer system in your house is checked to ensure that it does not fail abruptly.

Installation of Backwater prevention valves

This are valves that are placed in the sewer system that ensure only one specified direction of flow of the sewage. This will ensure that there is no backflow.

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