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Top 3 Battery Systems for Hospital Carts

Battery systems for hospital carts have changed the face of medical care. No more are doctors and nurses tethered to the walls when accessing IT information or operating mobile equipment. The use of mobile powered equipment carts allows for a totally untethered, cable-free IT solution which nurses and doctors can use to monitor patient information via centralized network systems.

Innovations in batteries for mobile powered equipment carts are constantly emerging, as companies drive to improve the efficiency of medical care via technology. Hospitals and clinics benefit from efficient charging practices by investing in systems which can reduce their overall downtime and limit other wastage such as travel time between IT points and patients.

Naturally, navigating new technology isn’t always easy – balancing the costs and benefits of modern innovation with traditional, tested medical practice is a task that falls to medical management staff across America. To that end, here are some of the top battery systems for mobile powered equipment carts, which can help you understand some of the options available.

1. Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) is, in many ways, the ultimate system for providing power to mobile carts. FMCPT incorporates both hot swapping and onboard charging, as well as a host of other useful features for healthcare professionals.

One of its key advantages is that it powers almost anything which requires a battery, allowing for hospitals to manage their equipment batteries more easily. Instead of using different batteries and managing an array of chargers, FMCPT works with IT and medical treatment equipment.

A good battery system for mobile carts can improve employee satisfaction and even enhance patient care by allowing staff to spend more time with patients.

2. Hot Swap Battery System

A hot swap battery system works by allowing for battery change directly on the cart, without connecting to a power outlet. For hot swap battery, a cart needs to have two holders for batteries, in order to allow simultaneous connection for at least an instant.

Hot swapping batteries presents a massive advantage for cart operators as it enables continuous use of a medical cart, without shutdown or restart, for an indefinite period and doesn’t require connection to a fixed electrical outlet. This is ideal for cable-free patient care, helping to create a safer environment in any healthcare facility and Program.

3. On-Board Battery Charging

Batteries for hospital carts need to be reliable, as they can often work to power important equipment for medical treatment. It’s unacceptable to run out of juice when administering patient care.

Onboard battery charging allows for direct connection to a power source, ideally without powering down. Not all systems allow for this functionality, so it is important to check with manufacturers. Even so, on-board battery charging is a useful asset to powered hospital carts, and it provides sufficient flexibility to allow for a greater range of devices to enjoy the benefits of placement on a mobile cart.

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