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Why Homeowners Need Professional Services For Drain Cleaning Wichita, KS

Services For Drain CleaningWhile it is great that so many people in Wichita, KS are rolling up their sleeves and joining the do-it-yourself revolution, there are a few jobs around the house that are better left to professionals. Drain cleaning is one of those household issues where homeowners are better off contacting their local Wichita, KS drain cleaning professional than trying to solve the problem themselves.

Clogged drains come in all shapes and sizes, and there are optimal solutions for each problem that only a professional drain cleaner can identify and use. Homeowners who try to solve their own drain problems lack the tools to identify exactly where the problem is and what is causing it, so they do not know the best way to solve the problem effectively and safely. Furthermore, homeowners lack the professional drain cleaning tools that allow professional drain cleaners to solve drain problems safely and without damaging the property.

Below are the main reasons why it is better for homeowners to contact a professional drain cleaner than to try and solve the problem by themselves.

Pipe Damage

The biggest problem that results from homeowners attempting to clean their own drains is serious damage to their home pipes. Homes that have old galvanized piping are particularly prone to this problem because the end of a plumbing snake can seriously damage the insides of the pipe as it spins around. Using a plumbing snake too aggressively or incorrectly can even crack or break the pipes in your home.

Personal Injury

There are a number of ways that homeowners can injure themselves when attempting to clean their own drains. Plumbing snakes or coiled wire under tension can recoil and cause serious lacerations to skin or eyes. Powered plumbing snakes are even more dangerous to people who are not professionally trained and experienced in their use.

Porcelain Scratches

When you use metal to try and clean a drain in your home, there is a very good chance that you will end up scratching the porcelain surface, or other materials, that your sinks and toilets are made from. Not only is this type of damage unsightly and extremely difficult to repair, but it will also leave the unit more prone to rust and corrosion without its layer of waterproof sealant.

Making the Problem Worse

Since a homeowner does not have the equipment to identify the true source of a drain problem, they have no way of knowing whether or not they can actually solve the problem at hand, and in some cases their attempts to clean the drain may actually make the problem worse. If the problem is caused by the deterioration of the inside pipe lining, then attempting to unclog the drain will only further damage the inside of the piping, which will make it seem like it is still clogged when the actual problem is the pipe itself.

Some Jobs Are Best Left to Professionals

Despite the cost-saving and satisfaction of solving your own homeowner problems, some problems are best left to the professionals. Drain cleaning is one of those problems where the average homeowner just does not have the tools and knowledge to solve the problem effectively and safely, and they should contact their local drain cleaning professional instead.

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